To chyba najdłuższy cytat na blogu (pomijając jakieś autocytaty), ale jest tego wart <3 Zawiera pewne, ale bardzo ogólne, spoilery jeśli ktoś nie czytał pierwszej części lub pierwszej trylogii (w zależności od tego ile się kto domyślił po pierwszym tomie ;) )

And he asked a flood of questions along the way, questions partly because he wanted to know, and partly to engage Kaplan: What’s down there? he asked. What’s that way?
“Can’t say, sir.”
For the third or fourth time Kaplan said so, this particular denial at what seemed to be a relatively main intersection in the zigzag weave of corridors.
“Well, why don’t we just go there and find out?”
“Can’t take you there, sir. Not on the list.”
“Oh,” Bren said, lifting both brows. “There’s a list.”
At that, facing him and with Banichi and Jago looming over him, Kaplan looked entirely uneasy.
“Can we see this list?” Bren asked him.
“I get it from the exec, sir. I can’t show it to you.”
“Well” Bren said, and cheerfully rattled off in Ragi, “I think we might as well nudge gently and see what will give. Kaplan-nadi’s restricting what we see, but he’s not in charge of that decision himself. He’s getting his orders from higher up. —What would you like to see, Nadiin?”
“Where does the crew live?” Banichi asked.
“Excellent suggestion,” Bren said, and looked at Kaplan, who did not look confident. “Nadi, where is the crew?”
“Where’s the crew, sir?”
“What do you do when you’re not on duty, Kaplan?”
“We go to rec, sir.”
“Good.” In some measure, despite the ferocious-looking equipment and the eyepiece, Kaplan had the open stare of a just-bloomed flower. “We should see rec, then, Kaplan-nadi. Or is that on the list of things we definitely shouldn’t see?”
“The list goes the other way, sir. It’s things you can see.”
“Well, that’s fine. Let’s go look at all of those, and then when you’re tired, we can go to this recreation place. That’s rec, isn’t it?”
“Yes, sir. I’ll ask about rec, if you like.”
“Why don’t you do that while we tour what we’re supposed to see? Take us to all those places.”
“Yes, sir,” Kaplan murmured, and then talked to his microphone in alphabet and half-words while they walked. “Sir, they’re going to have to ask a captain about rec, and they’re all—”
“In a meeting.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Well, tell them we just walked off and left you. All of a sudden I’m very interested in rec. I suppose we’ll find it. Are you going to shoot us?”
“Sir, don’t do that.”
“Don’t overreact,” Bren said in Ragi, “and above all don’t kill him. He’s a nice fellow, but I’m going to walk off and leave him, which is going to make him very nervous.”
“Yes,” Jago said, and Bren walked, as Banichi and Jago went to opposite sides of the corridor. He’d give a great deal to have eyes in the back of his head. He knew, whatever else, that Kaplan wasn’t going to shoot him.
“Sir?” he heard, a distressed, higher-pitched voice out of Kaplan. Then a more gruff: “Sir! Don’t!”

C.J. Cherryh, Precursor